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(BONUS) Part 4: Designers as Impact Entrepreneurs

“You want to achieve fairness and a place of equality on earth, how would you do that? … A big part of it was impact entrepreneurs. And design thinking and designers. Designers being a different kind of person that have some special capabilities. And we thought if we can enable designers to realize: hey, you’re more than you might think in terms of someone who can make great posters, you’re actually a person you can design great companies. 

… I hope [in the future] that the idea of making a company that doesn’t have a social impact aspect of it is just lame. It just doesn’t even make sense. Why would you do that?”

—Alex Bogusky and John Bielenberg on Debbie Millman’s Design Matters Interview on September 30th.  

In all the talk of Designer as Entrepreneur, I think it is important to remember that there are still other mediums available to us outside of the internet. There are still other areas where design thinking can hugely benefit a company, the world… 

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