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Designing Your Design Career

Last year, a good friend of mine, Keenan Cummings, taught a class called Design Your Design Career through Skillshare. He, as had I, had found himself in a bit of a rut—even in the midst of seemingly great success on his part—and riding a career trajectory that he was uncomfortable with. He decided a change was in order and he put in the necessary work, did the necessary research, and took the necessary risks to get to where he is today: co-founder and Creative Director of Wander among many other exciting things. 

So he taught this class in the middle of his course change and spoke more from ideals and lessons learned from people he admired than from a life-log of personal experiences and challenged the class—as he was challenging himself—to put these ideas into action and come back to the next class having made significant steps to start changing. 

It definitely provided me with the spark I felt I needed to make the changes I wanted. It provided me with material to relate to and with ideas to try to implement. My career change did not happen in one or two weeks—and truthfully neither did his nor was that the expectation heading into the class—but I do feel that I’ve taken control of my career, that I’m steering it in the direction that I want to, and that I’m enjoying my work and my career so much more than I was six months to a year ago. And there’s definitely a tip-of-the-hat in Keenan’s direction for igniting a fire that I was having a hard time lighting on my own at the time. 

There are a bunch of exciting things going on on my end that I hope to take the time to detail a bit on here soon. But the main point of this post is to let people know that this class is being taught again, tonight and to recommend it to anyone sitting on the fence about it as highly as I could possibly recommend it. Please, if you’re feeling a little or a lot stagnant, check it out. I’m sure that the class is going to be even better this time around as he will have some great stories of his own to share. Head over to his blog to get more details or jump right to Skillshare to buy your tickets. Get going!

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