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Manute Bol

Manute Bol was a bit of a sideshow in the NBA—he was a jokester, a physical oddity, and aside from his incredible length and shot-blocking ability didn’t have a wide arsenal of professional-level moves—but he was really an incredible person. Since his death this past year, it seems like so many incredible stories have come out about this Sudanese Dinka Warrior prince, including the kindle single, “The Defender.”

Bol legends have piled up over the years, and in the e-book “The Defender” Jordan Conn probes as necessary, interviewing Bol’s teammates, friends and family. As a child, he may have killed a lion; he quite possibly coined the phrase “my bad”; he certainly warned Congress about Osama bin Laden in 1993.

I don’t have time to do his story justice here, but here are some links to people who have. I just find it really interesting when the reality of a human being is in such contrast to the almost caricature-esque narrative we know them for. Manute is a prime example of that. Watch, read, listen, look… you won’t be disappointed. 

The Real Story of Manute Bol, by Henry Abbott. 

Basketball Warrior mini-doc on YouTube.

A Slideshow from Sports Illustrated.

An excerpt from “The Defender”